About Us

Occupational Psychology Solutions was formed in 2009 as a provider of consultancy and training services based around the evidence-based behavioural science of occupational psychology. We deliver our consultancy services with Chartered Psychologists with experience of delivering Assessment and Development solutions for clients across a wide range of sectors. For over a decade, we have delivered high-quality services that make an impact to the recruitment, development and engagement of top talent.

Our Mission

To apply our expertise as Occupational Psychologists to support individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their full potential and help make workplaces the best they can be.

Our Approach

We make a positive IMPACT for our customers by ensuring that our approach is:

​Informed – we keep our expertise up to date and develop evidence-based solutions built around best practice

Measurable – we encourage measurement of the impact of the solutions that we put in place

Positive – we seek to ensure our solutions make a positive difference to the people we work with

Added Value – we deliver solutions that are cost effective and maximise return on investment

​Creative – we use our creativity along with the latest tools and technology to develop the best solutions

Trusted – we earn our customers trust by building great relationships and delivering on our promises

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