Our Assessment Consultancy Services

  • Do you have a clear assessment strategy?
  • Are you using best-practice assessments?
  • How do you deliver your assessment process?

Recruiting the best talent is key to organisational success and robust and accurate assessment sits at the heart of any effective recruitment process. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of effective assessment solutions.

Our range of assessment services is set out below.

Ensuring an effective approach to assessment

Assessment Strategy

  • Do you have a clear assessment strategy?

It is vital to adopt a strategic approach to assessment to ensure that you select the most suitable assessment methods, minimise risks associated with poor practice and, most importantly, find people who have the talents that you need.

We can support in the development of your assessment strategy to ensure that your recruitment process finds you the top talent.

Assessment Design

  • Are you using best-practice assessments?

Whilst off-the-shelf assessments may suit some of your requirements, it is likely that you will need to design some of the assessments you use. This may be as simple as writing interviews through to the design of a full assessment centre with a range of different work simulations.

We can also help with developing effective sifting and short-listing processes to identify who has the potential to be successful in the role.

Assessment Delivery

  • How do you deliver your assessment process?

In order to recruit and develop top talent, it is necessary to clearly define the knowledge, skills and experience you are looking for. It is also important to provide an environment that ensures that employees are fully engaged and  that supports their well-being.

Alternatively, if you need help resourcing your assessment process, we can provide you with fully-trained, experienced assessors.

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