Our Consultancy Services

Our consultants are chartered psychologists with extensive experience in supporting organisations to make the most out of their people. Many are also Principal Practitioners with the Association for Business Psychology. 

The British Psychological Society outlines that “Occupational psychologists use psychological theories and approaches to deliver tangible benefits by enhancing the effectiveness of organisations and developing the performance, motivation and wellbeing of people in the workplace.”

Occupational  psychology applies the science of people and behaviour at work. We believe that the evidence-based, behavioural science that under-pins our approach ensures that we deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their full potential.


  • Do you have a clear assessment strategy?
  • Are you using best-practice assessments?
  • What training do you give hiring managers?

Recruiting top talent is key to organisational success and robust and accurate assessment sits at the heart of any effective recruitment process. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of effective assessment solutions that identify the top talent.

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  • How do you identify development needs?
  • Are you coaching your top talent?
  • Do you evaluate the impact of development?

 Developing your top talent not only helps to ensure you get the most out of their strengths but also is vital in retaining them. Research shows that high-performers want feedback more than average performers and particularly value development such as self-directed learning.

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Organisational Effectiveness

  • What competencies are critical to success?
  • How do you enhance employee engagement?
  • What impacts on your employees’ well-being?

In order to recruit and develop top talent, it is necessary to clearly define the knowledge, skills and experience you are looking for. It is also important to provide an environment that ensures that employees are fully engaged and  that supports their well-being.

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