Our Development Consultancy Services

  • How do you identify development needs?

  • Are you coaching your top talent?

  • Do you evaluate the impact of development?

Developing your top talent not only helps to ensure you get the most out of their strengths but also is vital in retaining them. Research shows that high-performers want feedback more than average performers and particularly value development such as self-directed learning.

Our range of development services is set out below.

Delivering holistic development of tap talent

Development Centres

  • How do you identify development needs?

Development Centres can be a real spring-board for development but very few providers ensure that they truly involve development. Many are simply assessment centres with feedback reports or fail to inspire participants to learn new skills and make changes to their approach.

Our development centres incorporate feedback into the event, highlight strengths as well as areas for development and provide opportunities for participants to learn and practice new skills and behaviours.


  • Are you coaching your top talent?

Our coaches are occupational psychologists who apply evidence-based approaches to encouraging both psychological and behavioural change. We use a range of coaching methods so that our approach can be tailored to the specific needs of the coachee.

 Typically, it will involve the use of psychometrics to provide the individual with objective feedback on their potential strengths and blind-spots. THis provides a springboard for psychological coaching that results in holistic development.

Development Evaluation

  • Do you evaluate the impact of development?

In order to ensure that your development makes a difference to organisational performance, it is important to put in place a effective model for evaluating the impact. This supports a more strategic approach to development by providing data to support evidence-based choices.

Our consultants can support putting in place rigorous development evaluation model. Our approach to data analytics is routed in the behavioural science that underpins occupational psychology.

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