MBTI Development Workshops

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most widely used personality questionnaires around the world. It provides a common framework for individuals and teams to understand their innate personality preferences along with their strenghts and potential blind-spots.

This can be then be applied to a huge range of applications such communication, decision-making, teamwork and how we manage pressure.

We can provide MBTI practitioners who are expert at helping people to understand their preferences and then consider the ‘so what’ of gaining this insight. We offer public workshops as well as in-house events to help individuals and teams improve their effectiveness at work.

What is the MBTI?

Introduction to the MBTI

An interactive feedback is an integral part of using the MBTI Framework. It ensures that people fully understand the preferences and are able to make an informed choice about their Best Fit Type.

Our expert facilitators ensure the MBTI feedback not only provides people with insight into their preferences but is also a development experience in its own right.

We believe that the shared experience of a group feedback is a great teambuilding activity. We can also provide 1-1 feedback to provide a more individualised exploration of preference (either face to face or over the telephone).

High Performing Teams

One of the most powerful applications of the MBTI is in supporting teams to improve trust and enhance their effectiveness. It also provides a clear basis for enabling the team to explore team dynamics and communication.

Helping team members to understand each others preferences provides a basis for building greater trust and appreciation of the contribution each individual makes to the team. 

We have developed our own model for improving team performance based on a variety of team effectiveness models including Tuckman’s FSNP, Lencioni’s Dysfunctions and Curphy and Hogan’s Rocket Model.

ACHIEVE – Unleashing Potential

Building self-condience and improving the ability to handle adversity not only results in greater resilience, it unleashes the individual’s real potential. This workshop is built arount applying the MBTI to personal develoment.

This workshop explores the individual’s strengths and encourages them to explore their goals. It also introduces more effective approaches to dealing with adversity.

Developing confidence through greater awareness of strengths along with improving the ability to handle adversity can help to improve well-being and enable individuals to flourish and achieve their full potential.

Please contact us to discuss your MBTI Development requirements