Organisational Effectiveness

  • Are you clear about the capabilities you need?
  • How do you enhance employee engagement?
  • What impacts on your employees’ well-being?

In order to manage your top talent effectively, it is necessary to clearly define the capabilities you are looking for. It is also important to provide an environment that ensures that employees are fully engaged and  that supports their well-being.

We help organisations to review their talent management strategy and to understand the key drivers of employee engagement and well-being.

Driving organisational effectiveness

Defining Capabilities

  • Are you clear about the capabilities you need?

Having a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed in your top talent is essential. These can be expressed within capabilities, strengths, values or competencies but it is critical that your performance model is behavioural defined.

We can conduct job analysis in order to define the behaviours that are critical to success. Alongside defining your performance framework, we can advise on its effective implementation.

Employee Engagement

  • How do you enhance employee engagement?

Employee engagement has been proven in research to be linked to organisational performance. We define Employee Engagement as employees who are have commitment and connection to the organisation and bring energy and enthusiasm to delivering their role.

We support organisations understand the level of employee engagement but, more importantly, to develop strategies and interventions aimed at increasing levels engagement and, ultimately, become a great organisation to work at.

Well-Being Interventions

  • What impacts on your employees’ well-being?

Providing a work environment that supports the well-being of your employees is not just a health and safety requirement. It reduces absenteeism and improves retention of employees. In addition, more resilient employees are likely to cope better with the demands placed on them.

Our consultants can provide an evidence-based approach to addressing well-being. We will identify practical actions We use our own C.A.L.M Model to help individuals cope with challenges – find our more about the C.A.L.M. Model here.

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