Our Psychometric Services

We only work with the very best psychometrics available. This means working with aptitude tests and personality questionnaires that have been reviewed by the British Psychological Society. This enables us to ensure that they meet our own standards in terms of their reliability and validity.

As an independent practice of occupational psychologists we are able to select the right psychometric for each situation as we are not tied to any individual provider. We choose the tool that is right for the level of role and what you are looking to achieve. We can also support you with choice of reports or development of bespoke report output.

In addition to off-the-shelf psychometrics, our team can support the design and implementation of bespoke psychometrics that are specific to your organisation and the roles you are recruiting.

Psychometric Assessment Services

We offer an independent Psychometric Assessment Service that provides the following support to our clients:

  • Free and independent advice on the selection of psychometrics
  • Project management of large volume psychometric assessment campaigns
  • Administration of online psychometrics
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments and candidate liaison
  • Individual Executive Assessment
  • Report generation and writing bespoke reports
  • Candidate feedback services

We can deliver solutions working with a range of different psychometrics providers enabling us to select the right assessment for each situation. 

Design of Bespoke Psychometrics

For some organisations a bespoke psychometrics offers the chance for an assessment specific to their needs as well as potential cost-savings:

  • Development of realistics job previews and self-assessment tools
  • Design of Situational Judgement Tests
  • Online ability assessments such as numeracy
  • Personality and behvioural fit assessments
  • Setting up screening assessments based on essential skills and experience
  • Support on setting up on ATS and Video Interview platforms
  • Guidance on integrating assessments into your candidate journey

We have experience in the design and implementation of bespoke psychometrics for a variety of clients.

Please contact us to discuss your psychometric requirements