Our Training Services

 We provide training courses that are built around evidence-based psychological theories and approaches. Alongside of this sound theoretical basis, we ensure that our courses have a strong practical focus to ensure that our participants are able to implement the knowledge and skills that they have learnt back in the workplace.

Our courses are delivered by experienced occupational psychologists who are able to share real-life examples that bring to life the principles being taught. They design and delivery of our training is built around providing a supportive and engaging learning experience.

The focus is on providing participants with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in a safe environment. This ensures that they build their confidence needed to ensure an impact on their performance when they return to work.

Recruitment Skills

Most people can recognise that recruiting the right people can be critical to the future success of any organisation. However, the knowledge and skills needed to identify and find the talent needed are often under-estimated.

Many SMEs find that their managers have little or no experience of recruitment and, in larger organisations, there is increasing pressure to put more and more recruitment activity in the hands of the hiring manager who lack confidence in the knowledge and skills needed during recruitment. 

We offer training in core recruitment skills such as overcoming unconscious bias, CV Screening, interviewing skills and making fair and effective selection decisions. This will ensure decisions are legally compliant and, more importantly, that you find the best people for the roles you are recruiting. 

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MBTI Individual and Team Development 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was developed to help people  understand their innate personality preferences and have a deeper understanding of their potential strengths and blind spots.

Our workshop are delivered by occupational psychologists who are experienced in helping individuals and teams apply the MBTI to a range of applications. They ensure that there is  exploration of the practical impact these personality preferences have on our effectiveness at work.

Alongside offering cost-effective MBTI Feedbacks for individuals and groups, we offer workshops focused on personal development for individuals in areas such as handling adversity, as well as team-based interventions that help create high performance teams.

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